September 1, 2016

Your First Visit for Adult Orthodontics in Newburyport

It is never too late to consider visiting for adult orthodontics in Newburyport. During your first visit to our orthodontics office, we will discuss your concerns and help determine the best route for making corrections to your dental structure while also providing you with comprehensive care. You will be given information about potential orthodontic treatments and a time frame during which corrections will be completed.

The steps we take to get to know your smile and medical history are listed below and will not necessarily occur in this exact order but will be accomplished by the end of your consultation appointment.

Rapport for Medical History Information

One of the primary goals of your first visit with adult orthodontics will be to get to know you and your orthodontic concerns better. We will ask you a series of questions and perform a physical dental examination that will allow us to gather relevant medical history information and grasp your most prominent needs. During this time, share any information you believe could be relevant to your orthodontic treatment and be prepared to answer questions about your dental history and other medical background information that could be applicable.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital photos, X-rays, and panoramic images among a few other types of imaging may be taken during this appointment. The images will help diagnose your exact orthodontic issues and can map the development of the correct treatment plans.


Following the physical examination and diagnostic imaging review, we will discuss our findings with you. We will explain your orthodontic needs in full and talk about treatment plan options commonly used at our office for adult orthodontics. You will have the chance to ask questions and receive immediate answers at this time, but feel free to contact our office later as you think of follow up questions.

Payment Options and Appointment Scheduling

After we come to an agreement on what treatment will be best going forward, we will talk about payment options and schedule a few follow-up appointments for you. During these meetings, you will learn more about what you can expect going forward, receive a timeline for the completion of your adult orthodontics, and gradually achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted. At this time, you should share any time constraints or payment concerns you have in relation to orthodontic treatment. This will help us better prepare for your future appointments and come to a payment agreement that works for both parties.

We are confident you will find your first visit for adult orthodontics in Newburyport educational, helpful, and exciting. You will learn about your potential to have the straighter and more attractive teeth you have always wanted that will also lead to better self-confidence and a future of great oral hygiene. We hope this explanation has been helpful as you go forward with this life bettering decision. Please contact us with any questions you have about setting up your first appointment with our office.

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