Newburyport, MA Orthodontics: Tailored for Adult Smiles

Adult orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves straightening teeth and aligning a patients’ bite. Drs. Mandic and Kuljic is an expert orthodontist that has received additional schooling and hands on training in how to work with adults to straighten their teeth and improve their smile. Many adults think that they cannot straighten their teeth or qualify for braces because they are older. This is simply not the case. Adults represent twenty percent of the patients that get braces every year.

In many ways, it is easier for an adult in the Newburyport area to get and take care of braces. Adults are more responsible, making it easier to avoid foods that can harm braces. Additionally, it is easier for adults to learn how to care for their braces and teeth, decreasing the risk for cavities. At times, this can make the process faster for adults than it is for children. When braces and teeth remain in perfect condition throughout the treatment, the process will stay on schedule without being delayed by broken brackets or the need for brackets to be removed in order to receive dental care. Adults are more equipped to keep their treatment on track and on schedule.

If you live in the 01950 area, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with Drs. Mandic and Kuljic to learn more about what your options are. Every patient has different needs based on the position of their teeth, bite problems, and their lifestyle. With that in mind, there is no one size fits all solution to orthodontics. At Dentistry Of Newburyport, we create a customized treatment plan based on the needs and goals of each patient.

During your consultation and examination we can discuss these options in further detail along with what life will be like, how often you need to come in for checkups, and how long the process should take. Once you have information on adult orthodontics, you can easily determine which treatment option will fit your lifestyle and smile goals. Our courteous staff will make the process go as smoothly as possible. Call (978) 465-8492 to schedule your appointment and learn more about adult orthodontics.

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