February 6, 2020

Preventative early age child care

The Importance of Early Preventative Dentistry for Children

When you have healthy teeth and gums while you’re young, you’ve got an excellent foundation for adult teeth to come in later. You can help your child get a great start by teaching them good oral care habits, and by taking advantage of early preventative dentistry treatments recommended by your dentist at “Dentistry of Newburyport”. Here are the top early preventative dentistry treatments and why they’re so important.

Dental Sealants: How They Can Save Your Child’s Teeth
Our dentists recommend dental sealants when your child is young. Sealants are ultra-thin translucent material that your dentist paints onto the teeth. The sealant hardens to create a barrier that prevents cavities from developing. Usually, the molars are the ideal place for dental sealants. Many kids have difficulty taking good care of their molars because brushing and flossing those hard-to-reach teeth is a challenge when children are still learning good oral care habits. Sealants give your child some extra protection, just in case their brushing and flossing aren’t quite up to par.
The sealant takes only minutes to apply and hardens within a few minutes. There’s no pain or discomfort, so it’s easy to add a dental sealant onto any regular check-up or cleaning if the dentist recommends it.

Fluoride Treatments: Extra Cavity Protection
Fluoride treatments are a safe and effective way to get extra cavity protection. If your dentist recommends fluoride treatments for your child, it’s very easy to schedule them several times a year, or as recommended. Your dentist brushes the fluoride treatment directly onto the teeth, and it hardens naturally with saliva exposure.
After a few hours (sometimes overnight, depending on your dentist’s recommendations and the type of fluoride treatment) your child brushes the fluoride varnish off. Many kids don’t mind the taste of the fluoride!

Teeth Cleanings
Even if your child does a really great job with their brushing and flossing every day, it’s inevitable that plaque and tartar will accumulate in some areas. After all, teeth have many small nooks and crannies that can be hard for even adults to clean perfectly. With professional dental cleanings at Bonham Dental Arts at least once every six months, all the lingering plaque and tartar is removed, and your child’s teeth are clean and healthy.

Mouth Guards: Protecting Your Child’s Teeth from Trauma
Knocked-out teeth are one of the most common dental emergencies for kids today, but in a number of cases, the accident was likely preventable had a mouthguard been utilized. Your dentist can create a custom mouthguard for your child, which they can wear whenever they play any contact sports. This is a smart preventive measure that is recommended for many active children today.
Mouthguards fit directly over your child’s teeth, and they’re comfortable and easy to wear. Your child will soon establish mouth guard use as a part of their routine. Of course, cleaning the mouth guard should also be added into your child’s oral care routine, as this can cut down on bacteria transfer into the mouth.
*Ask for Myobrace option
Practice Preventative Dentistry at “Dentistry of Newburyport’
With the preventive dentistry measures above, your child can have fewer cavities, a reduced chance of gum disease, and better oral health overall. Our team is here to help your child be their healthiest now and all through their lives! Call 978-465-8492 to schedule an appointment.

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