The process of having a tooth extraction

If you do need to have a tooth extraction, there are several ways that the procedure can be conducted. First, we will numb the area of your mouth so that you do not feel any direct discomfort. You will feel pressure during the procedure but otherwise remain relaxed and comfortable. If your tooth has matured and broken through the gums Drs. Mandic and Kuljic can use dental tools to wiggle the tooth and pull it out of the socket.

Afterwards, the area will be thoroughly cleaned, and gauze will be used to stop the bleeding while you recover. If, however, your tooth is impacted or still below the surface, as is common with wisdom teeth, oral surgery may be necessary for removing it. When completing this procedure in our Newburyport dental office, we typically create an incision in the gums so that there is a flap.

The flap is gently lifted so that we have access to the impacted tooth. In many cases, we can wiggle the tooth and lift it out of the socket. If, however, there is bone or tissue on top of the tooth, it will need to be cut away first. If the tooth is particularly stubborn and not budging, we might need to break it into several pieces and remove it that way. Once the tooth has been removed from the socket, the area will be thoroughly cleaned before the flap is placed back down and sutured in place. Gauze is then used to stop the bleeding.

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